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Rodent Pest Control:Rats

Much like mice, rats are also common invaders of manmade structures, and are notorious pests to humans. Rats carry harmful bacteria and diseases, contaminate surfaces and food, and damage property. Do you have a rat problem in your house? Don't hesitate to call us and set up an appointment with a pest control professional.

What are rats?

Rats are small rodents, typically brown or gray-brown in color, and are typically 12-15" long including their tail, which is hairless and scaly. Rats have large front teeth that are ideal for gnawing, and have strong legs that allow them to travel quickly and climb effectively.

Like mice, rats will often leverage human environments to gain food, shelter, and warmth. They are attracted to cluttered, unsanitary areas where they can find food remnants and safe, untouched hiding places in which to thrive.

Rats often carry an array of dangerous diseases, including viral infections like LCMV, bacteria that can lead to pneumonic plague, and salmonella. Their droppings also carry a host of bacteria and diseases. Secondly, rats are very destructive, and tend to gnaw on materials like plastic and wood.

Signs of a Rat Infestation

Rat droppings

A rat infestation can be easily identified by the presence of rat droppings, which are dark brown or black in color, and about the size of a grain of rice. You may notice these near a food source, or even near a supposed nest location.

Grease marks

Due to the conditions rats are typically drawn toward, their fur is usually quite soiled, and they will even leave visible grease marks where they have been.

Rat nests

You are likely to see two types of rats in Pennsylvania—Norway rats and roof rats. Norway rats tend to build burrows in the ground, possibly under or near your house. Roof rats tend to stay above ground, climbing trees and power lines to get to your roof. Roof rats are more likely to build nests inside your home, preferring insulation as a bed for nesting.

Rat Treatment and Control

Rats are dangerous pests and must be handled by professionals. We will help you identify what type of rat you are dealing with, and customize a treatment program to most effectively control and eradicate the rats. If you suspect a rat infestation in or around your home, contact us right away by calling or clicking the button below to set up an appointment with our pest control professionals.

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