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Even a modern home can still be penetrated by inspects and pests. Think you might have a bed bug, termite or other insect problem? Reach out to us today to book an appointment with our experienced technicians.

Common Insect Pests

Below are the most common insect pests in the Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster areas of Pennsylvania. We offer the most effective control, removal, and treatment for a variety of pest types—keep reading below to learn more about our comprehensive pest control approach.

Bed bugs pest control treatment from Sudden Death

Bed Bugs

In recent years, bed bugs have made a resurgence in North America. They can infiltrate even the cleanest homes, and can be difficult to eradicate without the proper treatment. Bed bugs leave small, red stains on bedding, and give humans distinct bites that leave a series of red dots on the body.

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Ticks and fleas pest control treatment from Sudden Death

Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and fleas can be a nuisance, and even a health hazard, to you and your pets. Both are frequent carriers of diseases and parasites, and can be difficult to spot if you don't know where to look. Contact us today if you fear you have a flea or tick problem. We will be able to evaluate the situation and prescribe a customized solution.

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Bees and wasps pest control treatment from Sudden Death

Bees and Wasps

We recognize the importance of honey bees, and make an effort to maintain their proliferation. However, bees and wasps in general can be destructive to property and dangerous to humans and pets. If you have a bee or wasp nest or infestation, please call us as soon as possible to professionally remove the nest and put a program in place to make sure it doesn't reappear.

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Termites pest control treatment from Sudden Death


Termites can be elusive, and can exist in a structure for years before they begin to swarm. A few signs of a termite problem are disintegrating wood, mud that appears to be packed into the wood, and vertical tunnels made of dirt that termites use to travel to and from their colony.

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Ants pest control treatment from Sudden Death


There are a few types of ants you may encounter in central Pennsylvania—carpenter ants, pavement ants, and black house ants. Carpenter ants create nests within the wooden structure of your house, pavement ants typically make colonies around pavement, and black house ants are the most common you might see in your home.

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Beetles pest control treatment from Sudden Death


There are an incredible amount of species with the beetle name, around 400,000, and we have many in Pennsylvania alone. Some are wood-destroying, while others may damage gardens or infest grain products. Though most beetles are not harmful to humans, they can become serious pests, and an experienced pest control professional can help to remove these pests with a customized treatment plan.

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Great guy to work with! Services our rental property quarterly as preventative - gives us a call to remind us before which we appreciate (but also would give us the chance to tell him not to come if we didn’t want him to). Prices are very reasonable and tenants are happy with no pest problems. He never “upsells” and always gives an honest opinion on the services we really NEED which is nice compared to most companies. Great guy!

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Very easy to work with and offer a guarantee. They came out and did a very nice job. I'd definitely recommend their services, as they are reliable, friendly, and quick.

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