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Rodent Pest Control:Voles and Moles

Voles and moles are the primary pests you will encounter in your yard and garden. Both will burrow tunnels underground, weakening your yard and ruining your garden soil. If you are having a mole or vole problem, click the button below to get help from one of our pest control professionals.

Vole Control and Treatment

Voles are mouse-like rodent that burrow underground in a series of shallow tunnels about 10" from the surface. They are about 4-9" in length, and are gray-brown in color. Voles are herbivores, preferring organic matter such as roots, bark, and plants. They are particularly damaging to small trees, bushes, and plants, and will chew on roots and bulbs at or just below the surface of your yard.

Vole tunnels are easily spotted by their openings and the ridges formed by the tunnels underground. Voles spend some time above ground, and you may occasionally see one popping up above the surface. They are prolific creatures, spawning up to 10 litters per year of five to 10 pups at a time.

If you have seen voles in your yard, or suspect damage from voles, fill out the form on this website to schedule your consultation with a pest control professional.

Are Moles the Same as Voles?

Because of the similarity of their names and behavior, voles are often confused with moles. Moles are actually mammals, not rodents, and they are quite dissimilar in appearance from voles, but share many behavioral similarities. Moles are dark brown to black in color, have cylindrical bodies, short limbs, and appear to have no eyes or ears. This is because they spend almost all of their time underground, digging tunnels in the soil. They subsist primarily on earthworms, waiting for the worms to fall in their tunnels before devouring them.

Moles and voles alike can wreak havoc on your yard and garden, so it is important to stop their activity before it gets worse. Give us a call or click the button below to schedule your appointment for a consultation with one of our pest control professionals.

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